PoShGroupPolicy 0.4

PowerShell module to assist with Group Policy

Get the module

PoShGroupPolicy can be downloaded or inspected at the PowerShellGallery.

What GPO does that again?

Have you ever need to update a script that you knew was configured in a group policy, but you just didn't know which GPO? This module helps the by parsing the group policy and returning key pieces of data for several GP extension types.


C:\PS> Get-GPO 'Workstation Scripts' | Get-GPSetting -Type Script | Sort-Object -Property Type,Order | Format-Table -AutoSize

Name                ConfigurationGroup Script                   Type     Parameters Order PSRunOrder
----                ------------------ ------                   ----     ---------- ----- ----------
Workstation Scripts Computer           CleanTempFiles.cmd       Shutdown            0     PSNotConfigured
Workstation Scripts Computer           ComputerInventory.ps1    Startup             0     RunPSFirst
Workstation Scripts Computer           InstallApps.cmd          Startup             1     RunPSFirst
Workstation Scripts Computer           ClearAppCache.vbs        Startup             2     RunPSFirst


This is my first public module on GitHub and I'm eager to learn. Feel free to submit suggestions and especially any corrections. Please watch or Find-Module -Name PoshGroupPolicy occasionally to see if I've published any updates.